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Wrangling an industry to transform it.

North America’s Roads are failing, while roadway decision-makers use outdated, expensive, and unsustainable methods of construction and maintenance. The Pavement Preservation and Recycling Alliance (PPRA) champions more sustainable and innovative methods, but the organization was not broadly known and the approaches they represent are not widely understood.

RoadResource.org - a 500-page website with calculators, decision-making tools, and a first-of-its-kind technical menu. Research illuminated how government agencies make decisions, and a fresh brand recast these sustainable methods as offering critical value. The interactive website simplified complex topics, aligned industry messaging, quantified cost and environmental savings, and reduced barriers to entry and understanding. Value-added tools and training help association members grow their businesses, and help tell technical stories in easy-to-understand, attractive ways.

PPRA is now positioned as the industry leader and is sought after by agencies around the country to teach its revolutionary new tool, RoadResource.org. Today the site boasts unprecedented attention and has been cited as the long-overdue missing link that is changing the way roadway leaders manage their resources and taxpayer dollars. It is supported by a fully integrated marketing strategy - utilizing content marketing, webinars, social media, PR, print and digital advertising, member training, videos, speaking engagements, and ongoing web upgrades to move the needle on industry-wide growth.