A letter from Lindsay.

My personal and professional story was shaped by years of profound, life-changing social service, including several stints in Africa. One part creative, one part strategist, and 100% interested in making an impact with my time and gifts. I founded Vario out of belief in the very best of the business: brilliant strategy fueling stunning creative aimed toward making a meaningful and measurable impact. In business and in lives.

I have long believed that one of the most meaningful gifts a person can give is their talent, unhinged. For me, the greatest part of Vario is gathering talented, passionate strategists, creatives, dreamers and thinkers while connecting them to entrepreneurs, philanthropists, marketers and visionaries. I’m determined to build a team of incredible people who are doing powerful work for clients we believe in. After all, at the end of the day clients are hiring people. The people that make up an agency.

Our agency name comes from a 'variometer'. It is the critical tool I use in paragliding, providing information on constantly changing conditions. How you are able to assess and react to that change impacts your success. Or failure.
Sound familiar?

If our approach and our people resonate, we’d love to meet you.